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CASCADE HYDRO-AIR was established in 1978 and became what is now referred to as a Siemens TALON Dealer in 1980.

Headquartered in Portland, the company is licensed in Oregon and Washington and covers all of both states with previous projects. Our staff has decades of experience in installing, programming, and servicing HVAC direct digital control systems.

Our Solutions

Open Protocol

We seamlessly integrate Lonworks, BACnet, Modbus, and most other communication protocols into a single, advanced Talon Control System. Because the Siemens Talon System uses the latest Tridium Niagara N4 Framework with LonMark and BTL listed devices, this allows the software to seamlessly combine all three major communication protocols into one, easy to use, Talon Network Manager

Energy Monitoring

LEED® requirements have paved the way for energy monitoring in commercial buildings. Using flow & BTU meters, current transformers, and other devices, we have, and can meet, these modern requirements.

More important than meeting requirements is giving building owners the ability to access a building’s “vital signs” any time of day or night, even from their personal Wi-Fi enabled devices. These “vital signs” can be displayed graphically for anyone to easily improve energy efficiency through better management of information and systems.

Web Enabled Interface

Siemens TALON is web-enabled, which means its graphical user interface is typically via the Internet. As long as a user with proper access (i.e. password) is using a computer with a modern operating system, a Web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.), and an Internet connection, they can administer the system.

Additionally, the system can be setup to send important emails (e.g. alarms, specified conditions, etc.) to building staff when conditions warrant.