About Us

CASCADE HYDRO-AIR was established in 1978 and became what is now referred to as a Siemens TALON Dealer in 1980.

Headquartered in Portland, the company is licensed in Oregon and Washington and covers all of both states with previous projects. Our staff has decades of experience in installing, programming, and servicing HVAC direct digital control systems.

With LEED® AP staff and work on multiple LEED® projects, we are very familiar with the requirements of modern sustainability.

Finally, much of our work has been retrofits of existing buildings. We are building system integration specialists—if the existing or added components are LonWorks, BACnet, and/or Modbus compatible, we can integrate them all into one web enabled, open protocol platform. This allows buildings owners the ability to monitor and control a wide range of devices from a common user view on a PC or any of a variety of wireless Internet interfaces, such as Wi-Fi laptops, PDAs, and cell phones.

Our Vision

To supply superior controls projects in the pacific northwest, and to build long lasting relationships with our clients that allow us to provide the very best in service and quality in our industry.

Our Values

Balance describes many factors from work/life balance, cost/schedule balance and really assists our decision making.
When faced with competing interests, we look for a healthy balance.

We promote the health and well-being of our employees and their families.
We celebrate personal and business successes.
We understand the importance of individual needs to achieve balance.
We encourage participation in social committee events to build relationships.

We provide a level of service to our client, which consistently exceeds their expectations.
We are committed to incubating the entrepreneurial spirit.

Success in our projects for all parties.
We derive repeat business by creating value for our client and building relationships.
We acquire profitability through successful project execution.
We share our success with all staff.

A strong team will always beat an individual effort over the long term.
Our clients are part of our team and we create trust through honest, open communication.
We foster a rewarding workplace environment in which everyone is proud to be a part.
We respect the dignity of each other, our clients, our suppliers, and everyone with whom we come in contact.
We value long term relationships with our clients and work hard to maintain their business.

Summed up in one acronym: “BEST” Ball

(If you have played on a BESTBall Golf Team, then you understand that this is when 4 regular golfers team up. You use the best shot from each team player and play the course together. Not everyone is a “long ball hitter” but each bring their unique talents. The amazing part is that a BESTball team regularly scores better than a professional golfer. This shows the power of our team approach.)